Merriman Broach-Fit Bushings are low in cost, easy to install, and high in performance. The unique, patented broach design eliminates the need for a close tolerance press fit and jig bore operations. Broach-Fit Bushings are self-aligning and automatically square with hole to maintain accurate center line. A wide range of sizes and I.D. and O.D. combinations can be ordered.

Sleeve Bushings

Typical applications: Valve stem guides, pulley bushings, rocker arm bushings, swing pin fulcrums, dowel pin guides, stop pin location holes, cable and chain guides, hole reinforcements in die castings and plastics, die liners for short run sheet metal jobs, build ups for washed out holes, and swing plate hinges.

Shoulder Bushings

Typical applications: Drill jigs, rivet templates, jig rest buttons, pin anchors, locator buttons for jigs and fixtures, and wear buttons for machine parts.

A zero preceding the digits in the "A" size indicates a number drill, a letter indicates a letter drill. Shoulder bushings are indicated by the prefix "S".